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The Bar of the Hotel le Chêne Vert 

Marble on the counter ...


...velvet on the seats, porcelain for the plates, embroidery on the napkins, oriental-style rugs, games of mirrors and lighting illuminating the place with a soft light, intimate lounges, a library overflowing with beautiful works to leaf through, the Parisian glass roof…. This is all the Bar Lounge of the hotel le Chêne Vert.


Here, in this home-like place where the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, a bit cocooning, everyone is welcome .  

Passing travelers...


...and residents of the city make themselves at home. They share a cozy and calm place and can relax with a book, peacefully telecommute, meet up for a drink together or simply try the experience of discovery.  


A coffee under the glass roof in an old Limoges porcelain cup could perhaps become the little morning ritual? Old crockery has taken its place on room service trays and at the bar as if to stop time. 

The place is full of decorative objects...

...disposed here and there, most of them hunted down or collected from the family, encouraging the wandering of the mind. They invite you to travel to the end of the world or are a nod to the friendliness and character of the region, that of the fellows.  


All this atmosphere evolves according to new discoveries. The objects change places, new ones are arranged according to the season, according to the events of the city... This is what the Bar of the hotel le Chêne vert is, a parenthesis out of time where routine does not exist not !



Room service, small local dishes served in your room  

For your room service, a healthy and top-of-the-range quality snack! We have selected small individual ready meals in jars from the “Vrai et bon” range manufactured by Maison Val de Luce. Choice of stews, soups, salads and desserts. These are recipes from French products without coloring or preservatives.  

  • Your meal tray is brought up to your room  

  • Room service from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

  • Menu of small local dishes in our digital welcome booklet  


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